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Tossed on the waves of our emotions, we forget that we are the sea.

David Guseman is the founder of the Delaware Center for Natural Pain Relief, and is a therapist with more than thirty years of experience in human services.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is licensed by the State of  Delaware as a clinical social worker (LCSW).  He is also a trained personal coach and an ordained minister (ULC).

Dave experienced chronic pain as the result of a surgery several years ago and discovered his commitment to people not being in unnecessary pain.  He has learned, through his own experience and that of hundreds of his clients, that each of us has the power to overcome our own pain.  His primary goal is your empowerment, so he uses techniques that are easy to learn and which minimize any dependency on him as a “healer”.

Dave lives on the southern bank of the Brandywine River in north Wilmington, Delaware, with his wife, Lois, his inspiration for the work he does.  In addition to his own Center, Dave has been affiliated with the Mid-Atlantic Pain Institute as a pain therapist, and recently associated with ABR Counseling Associates as a psychotherapist specializing in individual and relationship counseling.

Dave’s mission is (1) to alleviate pain and suffering,  (2) to help people discover that they have the ability to heal themselves, and (3) to teach them how.

About Dave Guseman
Dave and the Light of his life, Lois