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Tossed on the waves of our emotions, we forget that we are the sea.

Trigger Finger, Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder Pain, Fibromyalgia

The Emotion Coaching Program is extraordinarily successful for relief of any kind of physical pain.  The caveat here is that, while occasionally pain is permanently relieved, most often the techniques have to be reapplied, as needed.  Fortunately, the techniques are easily learned and applied, without resorting to doctors or emergency rooms!  Here are the success stories of a few of my clients with chronic pain.

Diabetes, trigger finger, hand pain, carpal tunnel syndrome.

My client, Jim, has Type II diabetes.  Jim is in his middle fifties, very physically active, and is strong from a life of much manual labor.  The diabetes has swollen the tendons in his fingers, making them stick in the small apertures that they pass through in his finger joints.  He has had numerous operations on his hands (seven on his left hand) to increase the aperture size.  He was also recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.  When I saw him in November, the pain in his left hand was a 7 (on a 10-point scale) and he was unable to either straighten his hand flat or close his hand enough to firmly grasp a broomstick.  He was about to be scheduled for another hand surgery.

Jim, trained as a scientist (chemist), was amazed as his hand pain disappeared after a few minutes of treatment.  Jim visited with me in January to report that he was experiencing no pain from his hands or wrists.  Furthermore, he could fully open and close both hands, something he had not been able to do in years.  He was still puzzled as to how the treatment worked, but boasted that he could crush a string in his hand.  P.S.  He canceled the hand surgery.

Chronic shoulder pain, old pain.

Charles is a friend who was always favoring his right shoulder, continually rotating/adjusting it.  When I asked him about it, he related that he had had a constant intense pain (7 on a 10-point scale) for at least ten years.  He constantly adjusted the shoulder, seeking relief from the pain.

I asked him if he wanted to get rid of the pain.  He humored me, allowing me to treat the pain.  Very skeptical, he was quite surprised when, as he tells it, seven or eight minutes later the pain was gone.  He fully expected it to come back.

Life got very busy and it was about nine months later that I thought to ask Charles about his shoulder.  He experienced a brief confusion, as he had totally forgotten that he had ever had the pain.  Later, after a rigorous day of digging, bending and hand-planting ground cover around his business place, he complained, “I hurt...everything hurts...except my shoulder!”

Fibromyalgia:  muscle soreness, arm and leg pain.

My client, whom I will call Betty, came to me with extreme pain in her shoulders and legs from fibromyalgia.  Her shoulders were so sore she couldn’t use her cane for support.  And she couldn’t raise her arms above shoulder level.  She hobbled in, leaning on her husband.  We talked for awhile, then I showed her how to do the tapping to balance her energy.  She tapped several rounds, as she was working on several issues.  Less than ten minutes after she began the tapping, I asked her to put her arms up in the air.  With a great deal of disbelief she stretched her arms at full length over her head, with no pain.  The leg pain also disappeared and Betty left that session without her husband’s help and with barely a limp.

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