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Tossed on the waves of our emotions, we forget that we are the sea.


Low self-esteem is an epidemic. We notice it every day in people who are obviously “down” on themselves.  We may notice it in our own self-criticism and dislike of self.  But we may not identify it in the public figure who is irrationally confident and dismisses overwhelming evidence by simply proclaiming his “rightness”.  Righteousness of this sort is often a cover for the deep-seated belief that he (or she) is really “crummy” at the core.

Though we like to talk about “self-esteem” as though it is something tangible, it remains an elusive and often confounding concept.  First, like “faith”, “hope” and “charity”, no one has ever seen “self-esteem”.  We only see the effects of its presence or lack, and we guess that there is something (that we call “self-esteem”) behind those effects.  So, okay, a lot of concepts are that same way.  Not so bad except, second, we talk about self-esteem as though it were a simple, single “thing”...which it definitely is not.

This is how I see it.  We are all, at the core of our being, shining, beautiful, capable and powerful.  As we go through life we pick up “junk”:  someone tells us that we are “bad” (often a parent or sibling), we hit a load of misfortune (that we interpret as “punishment” for something or other), we suffer humiliation, we endure physical or emotional pain (that we interpret as punishment, again).  Just as a crab glues bits of shell and seaweed to his shell for camouflage, we dutifully add these bits of junk to our own shells.  In time, we are so well camouflaged that we can’t even recognize our own true selves.  We forget the shining self inside, and we begin to believe that we “are” the junk!

Low self-esteem is simply, then, the result of believing that we “are” the junk that we’ve accumulated.  Seen this way, the task of enhancing self-esteem becomes incredibly simple:  simply remove the junk, piece by piece, and the true self eventually becomes visible.

The good news is that EFT is incredibly effective at gently and thoroughly removing emotional “junk”.  Piece-by-piece, and sometimes in large sheets, the energy balancing process will remove the junk from your Self. The more junk that you remove, the less “self-esteem” is an issue.

So, whether you focus on increasing “self-esteem” or whether you simply focus on getting rid of emotional junk, the result is the same:  the true You, the true Self, will increasingly “shine through”.  And in the powerful and healing light, there is no question of your goodness and power.

If you are ready to take your emotional junk to the dump and demolish your “low self-esteem”, click here.  

“Low Self-Esteem” is simply the result of believing that we “are” the physical and emotional junk that we have collected

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

“Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.”