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Tossed on the waves of our emotions, we forget that we are the sea.

Loss of love, Depression, Long-Distance Therapy

 Angela e-mailed me to ask about the effectiveness of ECP for the loss of a love and the accompanying depression that she had been feeling for some time.  She was seeing a therapist for her depression, but she was overwhelmed by the issues being raised by the therapy. Angela was unable to motivate herself to go out or to do chores around the house, cut the grass, etc.  She immersed herself in her work and after her daily job plus 3-4 hours of commuting from rural Pennsylvania to New York City, she was drained.  As she lived two hours away, the entire treatment was done in two phone sessions.  We had scheduled a third phone call one Saturday at 10 a.m.  She called that morning, in a state of excitement, to tell me that she had already done the yard work and was feeling so peacefully energized that she canceled our appointment.  She promised to call if she needed more help.  (I haven’t heard from her since!)

She e-mailed me this account of her experience with the Emotion Coaching Program and me:

 It is said that everyone will experience depression on some level during their lifetime, and certainly I’ve had my share of sadness.  But the depth of depression I recently experienced was far more than I was able to handle alone.

 I’m a firm believer in self-help--after all, God helps those who help themselves.  I didn’t want to be treated with anti-depressants so I set out on a quest to find something that would alleviate the excruciating heartache I was suffering.  Herbal remedies provided by my naturopathic physician helped only minimally.  A referral to a good therapist from my closest friend provided some comfort, but I still needed something more.  The thing that actually turned the tide for me was finding EFT.  My experience with EFT under the

guidance of Dave Guseman was nothing short of amazing for me.

 I was extremely sceptical about the process, but decided to proceed anyway.  Dave is located in Delaware and I’m in Pennsylvania so our sessions were conducted by telephone only adding to my scepticism.  But even after our first session, I could feel the change within me.  Through visualization and tapping (hard to believe), Dave gave voice to my feelings. What I referred to as this huge brown box was trying to fit inside my tiny, little heart and the points and edges of the box kept poking out of my heart.  During one of our EFT sessions, Dave helped to turn that huge brown box into a small golden jeweled box with an open lid beaming out light.  The box fit very nicely into a small corner of my heart with room to spare. Truly phenomenal.

My whole perspective on my situation has been completely altered and I am feeling renewed and cheerful once again.  As Dave said to me--the Universe had everyone lined up to help me with the trust I extended to my therapist, my supportive friend and to Dave’s EFT.  How could I go wrong!!

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